reclaimed hardwood flooring

Reclaimed Wood Flooring For A Great Room Décor

Reclaimed wood flooring is kind of work that can be your alternative, especially when you want to have a new appearance in your home décor. Yup, it is reasonable because with the Reclaimed wood flooring ideas, you will be able to have a new great room with your old wooden flooring. Here, we will try to talk about the ways of renewing the wooden floor that maybe can be your […]

rustic reclaimed wood furniture

Renewing The Room Décor With Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture is kind of an idea that you can apply in order to have a new appearance in your home décor with the old furniture you have. The Reclaimed wood furniture ideas are same with the renewing your furniture. In this occasion, we will talk about the ideas of it that can be great matter for you in order to have a great room decoration in your home. […]

green upholstered dining room chairs

Upholstered Dining Room Chairs with Two Faces of Upholstery

Upholstered dining room chairs range from the plain one to the one with patterns on it. It is true that you can make the dining room design to be more natural and simple with dining room’s plain upholstery. It is also true that you can add more character to the room design with the existence of patterned upholstery on the chairs in it. But, did you know that we can […]

wardrobe interiors design

Wardrobe Interiors: the Way to Arrange Things Properly and Tidily

Wardrobe interiors are the things that you should consider thoroughly. Speaking about wardrobe, what is counted is the inside. It is useless to have nice-looking wardrobe if you cannot arrange your things properly and tidily inside. It wouldn’t be a nice sight to see, right? Therefore, you should know how to do it. By doing it, you will not feel unhappy when seeing the interior of your own wardrobe anymore. […]

white gold granite countertops

Choose White Granite Countertops for Natural Capability

White granite countertops are said to be the top choice for kitchen design. The first and foremost, countertop with white granite has natural beauty that is able to enrich the kitchen. It can easily fit in with its surroundings as well with its neutral color. Why wouldn’t it be looked for by people if it is this good? Besides, such countertop has natural capability that is suitable with the need […]

paver stones designs

The Suitable Chic Use of Paver Stones in Home Design

Paver stones are indeed one way to enhance and enrich the beauty of the vast outer area of your house. For you who don’t know about them yet, they are a flat piece of stone that is designed in groups to cover an area outside your house. Quite often, paving stones are used to make a path in a garden. However, did you want to know the suitable chic use […]

reclaimed barn wood flooring

The Antique Attribute of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring, as the name suggests, is made of retrieved wood from original use, like the timbers in the old barn, warehouse, wine barrel, etc. Upon hearing of retrieved wood, you might have thought that it wouldn’t do any good for home design. However, don’t think like that. Even reclaimed one has an attribute that you might never think before. Furthermore, it does not mean that being reclaimed is […]